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Illnesses and diseases have plagued humankind for thousands of years. One of the first pandemics to ever take place was the Antonine Plague, in period 165-180, and killed an estimated five million people. One of the most infamous plagues in human history, The Black Plague, killed an estimated 30-50 million people across Europe and Asia alone. Currently, the world is going through the first pandemic level crisis in modern history.


As long as plagues have existed, so have human beings who have risen up, and helped those in their community. Back in period 165-180, children were raised and taken care of by all adults in that society. When the Black Plague ravaged the Eurasian area, citizens would volunteer to help dispose of bodies to help minimize the spread of disease. The opportunity for kindness always exists, but especially during a crisis or pandemic. 


Simple Ways to Support People During a Pandemic


Check On Your Neighbors

Reach out to your neighbors during a crisis, especially your elder ones. Call, text, or write letters to your neighbors to check in and see if they need anything. If your neighbors are unable to leave to get something, offer yourself up to pick up groceries or run errands for them if you can. 


Explore Alternative Ways To Volunteer

We live in an age of incredible technological advancements and ways to connect virtually. There are many different organizations and nonprofits that you can still help out virtually. By sending emails, making calls, or donating outright, you can always volunteer in your community and help these critical staples in the community.


Be Kind To Yourself Too

When it comes to helping others, pandemic or not, it’s important to be kind to yourself too. Life isn’t normal now, or what we are used to. Our personal, professional, and public lives have all been turned on its end. Be patient and kind to yourself, too, in difficult times. 


Pandemics can be truly frightening and often unexpected. During a time of turmoil, reach out and do what human beings have been doing since the beginning, caring for each other.