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Most people have a daily routine, and mostly it’s monotonous. Some people wake up to the ear-busting alarm clock while some are stirred by the energetic toddlers screaming out, “mommy and daddy!” However, if you take the time to study successful people, they all share one thing in common, a perfectly crafted morning routine. These celebrities mold routines from dawn till dusk that keep them in line with their daily goals. 


Although commonly overlooked, starting your day on a positive note greatly impacts the end goals. Here are ways to begin your day on a positive note.


Wake up when it’s right for you


Waking up at 4 a.m. cannot be forced down everyone’s throat. According to science, every individual has a unique circadian rhythm that regulates their sleep and wake cycles. This explains why one may be an early riser while the other just can’t catch up with waking up early in the morning. Determine what time works best for you and stick to that. Be consistent even during the off days and weekends.


Put the gadgets down


Social media and TV shows are notorious for eating up time that would have been used to catch some sleep. People looking to start their days on a positive note should allocate time to ditch their electronic gadgets, free their minds, and encourage timely sleeping patterns.


Make a list of things-to-do for the day


Once your eyes are open and your mind is fully conscious, you should make a habit of writing down a list of things to do for the day. This might help you feel re-energized for the day as you focus on the goals scheduled ahead. Be sure to make it short and clear.


Drink water


Staying hydrated is good not only during the morning hours but also throughout the day. The skin should glow, and one should feel energized to start the day on a high note.




As part of the morning routine and lifestyle change, one could incorporate work-outs and stretches to keep the heart healthy and calm before the day starts. Exercises are effective stress relievers and should motivate you to conquer the day.


Be sure not to overload your morning routine with heavy and many tasks at a go. Remember staying positive is the end goal.