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Calendly, the black-owned cloud-scheduling platform, has reached a milestone. The company received a new $350 million investment that pushed its value to over $3 billion. The investment comes as a huge milestone to its founder Tope Awotona, who risked his savings eight years ago to start the business.
The company announced that they were in a partnership with OpenView Venture Partners to invest in its product innovation. The business partnership is an additional success since receiving their first investment with Atlanta ventures. It has since gained a consumer base of 30 million subscribers.

The tech company has so far managed to withstand the business uncertainties throughout the pandemic. It has doubled its subscribers and increased its revenue to $70 million since 2020. The founder and CEO, Tope Awotona, attributes the growth to the increased remote working, which has let professionals utilize its scheduling services.

About Calendly

The tech company is a global leader in virtual meeting scheduling software and has been ranked 97th by Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™. A rank of the top 500 fastest-growing companies in North America. The software is now available on IOS and Android and helps one schedule virtual meetings without using emails.

Founded in 2013, the company has software products now used by almost all companies under SaaS 1000 and major Fortune 500 companies. Calendly made 1,180% growth during the 2020 to 2021 period to archive a milestone of 10 million people every month globally. Boosting 100 million scheduled meetings in 2020 alone, Calendly is fast becoming ubiquitous as a calendar management product.

According to Blake Bartlett, a Calendly partner, they believe despite the massive growth, the company has more potential and is just getting started. It can penetrate the larger global market due to its unique and highly efficient PLG strategy (product-led-growth).

It’s no secret that the product has breached a gap in offering convenience by removing back-and-forth emails required when scheduling meetings. This uniqueness and the PLG strategy, as stated by the CEO via Atlanta Business Journal, is the secret that led Calendly to be the most integrated, most used, and loved platform for enterprises and individuals.

Calendly growth has also led to its CEO and founder to be Fortune’s most unique founder of last year. He is also one of the few black tech entrepreneurs who own a company valued now at $3 billion.